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14 October 2010

The Newest Blog Entry Up To This Point

Hello, friend. You are a welcome guest at this blog.

If the following information does not interest you, you will have wasted a few moments of your life. As we know, life is but a vapor, so do not make this decision without much thought, meditation, and prayer. However, that in itself will be a time-consuming process. So, my advice is to skip the reading of this blog and do something more useful with your time (i.e. bake some cookies for a friend).

In case one of you is still reading, I will continue. I would love to keep in touch with you. Shoot me an email, message me on Facebook, or text/call me. For the time being, here is a quick update on my life since the last entry.

God created Colorado and saw that it was good:

The beauty of Colorado is undeniable. Thankfully, I've had the opportunity to take advantage of this from time to time. Around half a million people visit Pikes Peak a year, however, very few actually climb it. I've been able to take Barr Trail a couple times now to the top of Pikes Peak. One of the times I hiked back down as well (26 miles round trip) and had multiple blisters, sore joints, and aching muscles for a week because of it. It's definitely worth doing though! I also got to visit Garden of the Gods.

Kyle and I at the base of Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak in the background. The sun sure was bright.

Nearing the top. That little line through the rock is the trail.

Birdman sighting:

In regards to basketball, it's all about the Denver Nuggets around here. One of the most unique guys in the NBA plays for the Nuggets. He is known as Birdman. If you're not familiar with Chris Andersen, he's like the white Dennis Rodman. He has lots of tattoos, crazy hair, hustles like crazy, and is extremely exciting to watch.
Now he has tattoos all over his neck as well.

Anyways, he lives close to Castle Rock. One day while I was chilling at a Starbucks, he came in to order some coffee. He is not a short man. I wanted to get a pic with him, but there were enough people bothering him already.

Quick driving tip:

The strategy to winning the battle at a 4 Way stop sign is to stop 10 feet in front of the Stop sign. It works every time and will save you at least 10 to 15 seconds (remember how life is a vapor..this is good stewardship of the time allotted to us!).

Art. For. Abby.

Recently, the Art. For. Abby. campaign was launched! Basically, I threw up some art that I've done over the last 5 years or so, and people can make donations for them. 100% of the profits go towards my sister Abby's ministry with OM.

I'm hoping to raise $2,000 for her, and things have progressed much better than I anticipated. You can check it out on Facebook or Blogspot. Spread the word!

Daniel and Emily's Wedding:

My good friends Daniel Schuring and Emily Nichols got married on October 3rd in Virginia. They had an awesome wedding (despite using Plan B due to Tropical Storm Nicole wearing out her welcome) and an entertaining wedding reception! I had the privilege of being one of the groomsmen.

It was such a good time of catching up with friends that it was hard leaving VA. Hopefully Andrew or Dru will get married soon so that this event will take place again shortly!

The official, professional pics aren't available yet, so here are a few that have made their way to Facebook.

Daniel and Emily

The wedding crew minus a few.

The groomsmen performing a choreographed dance to "I Want It That Way."

Music Suggestions:

Check out Ascend the Hill's new hymns album called Take The World, But Give Me Jesus. It has incredible renditions of classic hymns. Also, give Homer Hiccolm & The Rocketboys a listen. Their music is even better than their name!


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