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17 January 2011

A Month of Merriness

If your sole purpose in life is to get updates on my life:
1) you must have a miserable life :)
2) hopefully this blog is not your only means of contact with me

Without further ado, I will attempt to give a brief account of the last month of my life. More importantly, there will be pictures to provide temporary relief from the mundaneness of text.

A little over a month ago, my sister Abby drove an old van out to Denver. Despite the front left wheel falling off on the interstate, everything went smoothly. My parents flew into said Denver from Brazil. We all collaborated our bodies and belongings, placed them in the van which had proven its complete trustworthiness, and began a road trip that would last a month.


and of course....

Our trip took us to Wyoming, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Kansas as we visited friends, family, and churches. The bulk of our time was spent in Waukesha, Wisconsin as the Kitcheners all gathered at my brother Nate's house. There were a lot of us: Mom, Dad, U. Bob, A. Ann, Matt, Essie, Anna, Zach, Sarah, Nate, Tracie, Owen, Elsie, Asher, Uriah, Abby, and I!

Here are a couple photos in case you are interested in what these people may look like.

Puzzles were completed, songs were sung, food was eaten, and fellowship was had. It was a great time of reconnecting with a family that is typically spread out all over the globe. Only God knows the next time we'll all be together again. Abby's wedding perhaps?? :)

Highlights of the time up north include visiting friends from Moody in Chicago, seeing old friends in Waukesha, watching the nieces and nephews open presents, having a huge 25th birthday party with a Brazilian meal prepared by my mom, locking keys in the car multiple times, getting destroyed in a family bowling outing, and getting 3 hours of sleep every night.

TWR Update:

During the month of traveling, I was able to see many friends and family interested in my upcoming ministry with TWR in Slovakia. It was a lot of fun and a huge encouragement to be with people who care about me and my future plans! Thank you!

For the first time, I had the privilege of speaking at churches about serving with TWR as a social media coordinator. It made me feel like an official missionary, and it was a cool experience to introduce people to what TWR is doing! Thank you to everyone at Morrill Baptist, Northridge, and Community Bible for this opportunity!

The month of December was my biggest month of support raising yet! I'm now at 80% of my outgoing funds and pushing 20% of my monthly! Sometimes the generosity of people is mind-blowing. I am more aware than ever of how much teamwork ministry takes.

I still have a long way to go, but I am still hoping to leave this summer! If you'd like to play a role in giving me the privilege of serving in Slovakia, this link will provide you with the simplest method to do so.

I guess I will end this blog entry here. If you read this entire blog, you must be a very good friend. :) Thank you for your interest in my life! I am incredibly blessed. As always, please stay in touch with me.

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