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01 December 2011



I'm gearing up for week number two of the SPLICE training. It's been really encouraging to be around so many people in the same boat as I am. We're just a bunch of normal people hoping to do some awesome things with God's help.

Palmer Lake, CO


I am currently at SPLICE in Palmer Lake, Colorado. This course started on Monday and will last until December 16th. Its primary purpose is to assist missionaries in successfully engaging and ministering in a different culture. I'm really enjoying it so far!

SPLICE Headquarters

There are around 40 adults and 30 kids. We represent 21 different mission agencies and are going to 19 different countries. There are multiple teachers that lead different sessions, growth groups, and personal coaching times.

What I saw from my window when I woke up this morning. December is here.

My days in the US are coming to an end. I received an email yesterday informing me that they started looking for an apartment for me in Bratislava! I don't have the exact departure date, but I will post an update as soon as I find out. My excitement is building. Thank you so much for your love, prayers, encouragement, and partnership!

16 November 2011

Here We Go!


In less than two weeks, I'll start SPLICE (the final training course TWR requires for its missionaries). This will go through mid-December. After spending Christmas with family in Wisconsin, the plan is to head to Europe first thing next year!

If I get to 100% within the next few weeks, I'll be able to route my flight through Brazil to maintain my permanent residency. This would allow for future opportunities there without having to apply for a temporary visa. My residency expires January 6th, 2012.

I've been blown away by how everything has come together the last few months! Thank you so so much for your prayers and partnership!

02 November 2011

Things Will Never Be The Same

Have you ever felt like your entire life is leading up to one climactic moment that will change your life forever? Maybe that's just Hollywood, but have any of you ever had a moment like that in your life?

27 October 2011

The Latest: A Quick and Nifty Update

Awesome news! As I mentioned in the previous blog entry, I needed to be at 85% to get registered for the final pre-field training in November to avoid having to wait all the way until late February. I just found out today that I'm now at 87% and have already registered for the training course!

The course is called SPLICE. It is a three-week, pre-departure program designed to help develop practical skills and attitudes that will assist in successfully ministering in another culture. While people fly in from all over the country, I get to just cruise down to Colorado Springs (in my lovely minivan) about an hour from here.


1 x $150/month
2 x $100/month
2 x $50/month

Know anyone who is dying to partner with a missionary?? Send them my way! :)

23 October 2011

Insert Humorous Blog Title Here

update // aktualizovať

So, as you may know, I am extremely near the end of the partnership development phase of my missionary journey. It's been pretty wild seeing God put together the team of people who will make this ministry possible! At 80%, about 6 or 7 monthly partners is all that separates me from commencing my role as TWR Europe's Social Media Coordinator in Bratislava, Slovakia. Have you seen my latest newsletter? It shows how much teamwork it takes to send one missionary!

After primarily communicating the details of this ministry through mail and email for a number of months, I started hitting the road to see people face to face early this summer. God has used people to bless my socks off on these trips. I just recently returned from my third trip, which was a three week journey taking me to Florida and back to Colorado with multiple stops along the way.

review // preskúmanie

What are some of the things I'll be doing with TWR?

- Enhance TWR's internet presence
- Initiate TWR Europe's social networking
- Video productions
- Develop
- Fund raising project
- Write articles for magazine and webpage

Why is this role important?


- If I'm not at 85%-90% by next month, I'll have to complete my required final pre-field training in February-March instead of November-December
- My lease and health insurance run out at the end of the year
- TWR Europe needs 20 to 30 new missionaries ASAP for upcoming projects

How can you help?

- Be one of the very final pieces of this partnership puzzle! HERE
- Spread the word about this ministry to your friends, small group, or church. I'd love to get in touch via email, phone, Skype, etc.
- Pray that God will use me to make a difference in Europe.

vehicles // vozidiel

You'd think driving all those miles would start wearing down your car. You would be correct to assume such things. I left Denver with my Chrysler Sebring (my only car since coming to the US in '04), and it made it as far as Wichita before dying 5 minutes from my sister's house. After discovering it would be around $2,000 to repair, the remainder of my trip was in jeopardy. However, I broke down in the best possible spot. My parents had a minivan in storage nearby, and this would be my ride for the remainder of the trip. Well, for the most part. Ha!

One last pic with the Sebring.

My bumper sticker is deceitful.

My "new" ride ('95 Pontiac Trans Sport) :)

The minivan proved to be a trusty form of transportation. Well, for two days at least. Somewhere in the middle of Alabama, it started making loud rattling noises. I wasn't sure what to do, so after a short break, I just kept driving. It kept getting worse daily. Somehow I made it to Florida. By this point, it was so loud that people on the street would look when I drove by. Ha! I had it looked at and was told by a mechanic it would be $900 to fix (something to do with a compressor, AC clutch, and bearings?). Guess how much I paid to get it fixed? $0.

My friend Daniel "DJ" Royer was in town with his wife and kids. They were supposed to have left already, but issues with their house in Wisconsin kept them back in Florida a couple extra days. Since he was still in the area, DJ offered to work on the van. In the meantime, Tim and Esther Meisel allowed me to borrow their Buick (3rd vehicle of the trip) so that I could visit friends in another town for the night. Upon my return the next day, DJ had completely repaired the van and wouldn't even accept payment! Ridiculous! The van rode smoothly all the way back to Denver. I am blessed.

places // miest

I had some really cool opportunities to share about my ministry on this trip including a college group in Arkansas and the New Tribes headquarters in Florida. I made a lot of new friends and re-connected with old ones!

I also had the chance to join the team representing TWR at the Catalyst conference in Atlanta. Over 13,000 people showed up at this two day conference that targets church leaders. Speakers included Francis Chan, Andy Stanley, Mark Driscoll, Dave Ramsey, Jeff Foxworthy, and Blake Mycoskie (founder of TOMS). Though our booth was shoved in the back of a food court (ha!), we made the most of the situation and met a lot of cool people.

Inside the arena where the sessions were held

The crew had a chance to eat at a popular pizza spot called Little 5 Points in downtown Atlanta one night.

people // ľudia

I got to see a lot of familiar faces on this trip. Here are just a few of those friendly folks.

The Kohlmans have a strict no smiling policy in their home. :)

arch // oblúk

I'd always wanted to go up the Arch, but had never gotten around to it. When visiting my friends Bryan and Hannah Terbrock in St. Louis, I got my wish. Here are some pics of this incredible monument.

View from the top of the Arch (630 ft. up)

conclusion // záver

I just want to thank everyone who has been involved in my life recently. You are awesome, and I feel unworthy of all the love I've been shown! Thanks for all the encouragement, messages, meals, gifts, prayers, and for opening up your home and taking time out of your schedules to invest in me. God bless!

contact // kontakt | 262.951.8672

18 August 2011

Darth Vader Vs. Asher

This is my nephew Asher. When he was born, he had too much fluid in his brain. Thanks to modern medicine, he was able to survive this life threatening condition. Now he is the most vibrant, lively, and kindhearted child you'll ever meet.

We've always connected. Even before he was two years old, we would watch basketball and play soccer together. When I lived in Chicago, I would come up to visit every few weeks. Asher would always greet me with "Unka Pow!" and kisses.

This wasn't possible after I moved to Colorado. It had been eight months since I had seen my niece and nephews, and I showed up as Darth Vader to surprise Asher at his Star Wars themed 4th birthday party. Watch the video below (Asher's smile at 1:37 is priceless).

10 August 2011

The Midwest Quest: Week 1

Hi. My name is Paul Kitchener. That is the primary reason I named this blog "The Paul Kitchener Blog". Right now, I am in the middle of a journey through some of the Midwestern states. I have made some connections and God has made others. Everywhere I've gone, kindhearted people have graciously welcomed me!

Where has Week 1 taken me? Let me tell you...and show you (Denver, CO -- Denton, NE -- Greenwood, NE -- Sabetha, KS -- Lawrence, KS -- Kansas City, KS -- Abilene, KS).

thank you:
First off, a huge thank you to everyone who I stayed with or invited me into their home (Heppners, Josephine Howard, Tramps, Phyllis Strahm, Kings, Halls, Felbushes, Campbells, and Books) and the churches that allowed me to present my ministry (Cornerstone Bible and Community Bible)!

Here are just a few of the people investing in my life and ministry that I had the privilege of seeing this last week:

Josephine Howard Duane & Kathie Tramp Phyllis Strahm

Felbushes Campbells

I told my partnership development coach with TWR about my time with Josephine Howard. She asked if I'd record a little video of me telling the story. Here is the story of this godly woman.

I had incredible opportunities to give my presentation at Cornerstone Bible Church in Morrill, KS and Community Bible Church in Abilene, KS! There's nothing like having your organization's logo on your shirt to make you feel official! :) Here are some pics:

I knew it'd be a lot of fun catching up with people this week! However, I had some unexpected entertainment in addition to all the fellowship. I met up with Ben Crist, frontman of the incredible worship band The Glorious Unseen, in Kansas City. Check out a phenomenal song called "The Love of God" he recently performed HERE. Anyways, I just happened to be there on the first night of the first ever Kanrocksas festival, and he had an extra ticket.

Another fun experience was getting to fly in a powered parachute for the first time! Monte Felbush took me 1,200 feet into the air, and it was awesome!

Here we are taking off:

I lived in the Abilene area for two years growing up (4th grade and 9th grade), so I stopped by some of my old stomping grounds. These pics will be incredibly unnecessary and boring for 99.5% of you, but here they are! Ha.

Times I have nearly died on this trip thus far: 2
People I've seen resembling Chewbacca: 0, but hoping for more

Kansas is known for its crazy weather. One night, lightning lit up the sky nonstop for two hours. It looked like a war was going on in the farmlands of northern Kansas.

It's been a great start to the Midwest trip. Up next: Wichita, KS, Waukesha, WI, and Chicago, IL. If you live anywhere near these places, let's meet up for coffee or something!

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