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18 August 2011

Darth Vader Vs. Asher

This is my nephew Asher. When he was born, he had too much fluid in his brain. Thanks to modern medicine, he was able to survive this life threatening condition. Now he is the most vibrant, lively, and kindhearted child you'll ever meet.

We've always connected. Even before he was two years old, we would watch basketball and play soccer together. When I lived in Chicago, I would come up to visit every few weeks. Asher would always greet me with "Unka Pow!" and kisses.

This wasn't possible after I moved to Colorado. It had been eight months since I had seen my niece and nephews, and I showed up as Darth Vader to surprise Asher at his Star Wars themed 4th birthday party. Watch the video below (Asher's smile at 1:37 is priceless).


  1. Wow - we love it - the surprise and the fun and the hugs and unforgettable smiles! Made Dad's voice go up an octave! Mom and Dad

  2. You know it's good when Dad's voice goes up an octave!

  3. WOW! Grandma Deb told me about this. Thanks for sharing so I could see it! Happy Birthday Asher and hugs to all of you! Kathy S.

  4. absolutely priceless! A moment he'll for surely always remember!

  5. props to Nate for getting the footage!

  6. I think I've watched it 4x's now, it makes me laugh everytime. Thanks for surprising Asher, Paul, it was priceless.