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10 August 2011

The Midwest Quest: Week 1

Hi. My name is Paul Kitchener. That is the primary reason I named this blog "The Paul Kitchener Blog". Right now, I am in the middle of a journey through some of the Midwestern states. I have made some connections and God has made others. Everywhere I've gone, kindhearted people have graciously welcomed me!

Where has Week 1 taken me? Let me tell you...and show you (Denver, CO -- Denton, NE -- Greenwood, NE -- Sabetha, KS -- Lawrence, KS -- Kansas City, KS -- Abilene, KS).

thank you:
First off, a huge thank you to everyone who I stayed with or invited me into their home (Heppners, Josephine Howard, Tramps, Phyllis Strahm, Kings, Halls, Felbushes, Campbells, and Books) and the churches that allowed me to present my ministry (Cornerstone Bible and Community Bible)!

Here are just a few of the people investing in my life and ministry that I had the privilege of seeing this last week:

Josephine Howard Duane & Kathie Tramp Phyllis Strahm

Felbushes Campbells

I told my partnership development coach with TWR about my time with Josephine Howard. She asked if I'd record a little video of me telling the story. Here is the story of this godly woman.

I had incredible opportunities to give my presentation at Cornerstone Bible Church in Morrill, KS and Community Bible Church in Abilene, KS! There's nothing like having your organization's logo on your shirt to make you feel official! :) Here are some pics:

I knew it'd be a lot of fun catching up with people this week! However, I had some unexpected entertainment in addition to all the fellowship. I met up with Ben Crist, frontman of the incredible worship band The Glorious Unseen, in Kansas City. Check out a phenomenal song called "The Love of God" he recently performed HERE. Anyways, I just happened to be there on the first night of the first ever Kanrocksas festival, and he had an extra ticket.

Another fun experience was getting to fly in a powered parachute for the first time! Monte Felbush took me 1,200 feet into the air, and it was awesome!

Here we are taking off:

I lived in the Abilene area for two years growing up (4th grade and 9th grade), so I stopped by some of my old stomping grounds. These pics will be incredibly unnecessary and boring for 99.5% of you, but here they are! Ha.

Times I have nearly died on this trip thus far: 2
People I've seen resembling Chewbacca: 0, but hoping for more

Kansas is known for its crazy weather. One night, lightning lit up the sky nonstop for two hours. It looked like a war was going on in the farmlands of northern Kansas.

It's been a great start to the Midwest trip. Up next: Wichita, KS, Waukesha, WI, and Chicago, IL. If you live anywhere near these places, let's meet up for coffee or something!

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  1. oro pra que sejam todos dias bons! Deus abençoe... Que por-do-sol bonito hein

  2. look at my little roommate, he is all grown up! it makes me cry of how proud i am for you, you made room 807 worth living in! dude hurry up and get here, like you should have been here yesterday mate!

  3. sorry that was my first time posting something on a blog, please forgive me, so that last comment wasnt from anonymous, it was from me!

  4. It's great to get a glimpse of what your life on the road is like! Here's hoping you spot some Chewbacca lookalikes ASAP, and that the number of your near death experiences remains at two... :)

  5. brigado paulo! i'll be there soon scotty, and i'm proud of you as well! anne, i'm going to a star wars party for nephew, so the odds are on my side!

  6. Love your posts! We cannot wait for your arrival in Chicago! Thanks for the neat stories of what God has been doing!

  7. Love your photos and the video about Josephine: a true saint. God is using your gifts as you prepare to go!