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17 June 2012

This is the Title


I'm not sure how you ended up here, but thanks for stopping by! I will attempt to keep the content brief, picture-filled, and interesting. You've got places to go and people to see, by golly. What was the last time you said "by golly"? Anyways....

I've been back in Slovakia for a couple weeks now and had the awesome opportunity to spend two days in Croatia, but I'd like to share more about my time in Portugal.

First off, I'd like to plug my Instagram page since I've been having a lot of fun using it. You can follow me @kitchenerpaul if you have Instagram or view my photos here:

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I had the privilege of spending the month of May with friends/fellow TWR folks in the Lisbon area. Being there an entire month provided an "unrushed" atmosphere of learning Portuguese culture and the work of Radio Transmundial de Portugal. 

I took a ton of pictures during my time there, but I narrowed it down to my very favorite ones. You can view them HERE.

Here is the small, but proficient team of RTM speaking HOPE to Portugal:

L to R: Joaquim, Sónia, and Levi

This team runs a 24-hour internet radio station with multiple programs (nine total with plans for four more). Some of the programs are also on FM stations: Som do Livro (Thru the Bible) and Mulheres de Esperança (Women of Hope) are played on 11 FM stations that blanket almost the entire country.

You can meet Levi and see the small studio in a TWR QuickVid I recorded on my iPhone HERE.

Studio interview for Geração Sem Limites (teen program) 

RTM is doing so many great things, and it's clear that with the right tools and people, their potential is huge! TWR asked if I'd write a review of my time in Portugal. Here is an excerpt from the report:

RTM Portugal has a small staff of only three people, but they get a lot done while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. I think they pretty clearly need at least another two people on their staff to assist with administration and the various radio programs. Sometimes there are events, interviews, and other opportunities missed because they simply cannot be two places at one time. Also, it will be very difficult for them to begin the new programs without help from outside. They have some incredible content and decades of professional experience between the staff, so I think they could have a great FM station with the funds and additional staff members. 

Though stationed in Mem Martins, I had the chance to spend significant time in Lisbon, Sintra, Mafra, and various towns in the southern region of Algarve. I met a lot of people along the way, ate a lot of seafood, and spoke more Portuguese than I have in the last eight years combined. 

Here is a sample of the photos you can find HERE:



"If life is a river, then pursuing Christ requires swimming upstream. When we stop swimming, or actively following Him, we automatically begin to be swept downstream." Francis Chan


Ready for a jolt? The words of Jesus are full of the "all or nothing" mentality! He wants all of each of us. What grace to be wanted by the One we rejected and despised. Let's do this. Let's grow. We're in this together! Let's sharpen one another while we have breath in our lungs. Our vaporous life is almost over. 

Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. 
For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it. 
For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost? 
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Luke 9:23-26 (NKJV)

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