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15 April 2013

The Story Behind 2012's Most Powerful Song

"Rearview Memories" by To Speak of Wolves was one of the most powerful songs of 2012 in my opinion. Levi and Bree McAllister contribute monologues containing transparent thoughts that pack an emotional punch.

lost his battle

You feel their hearts burst through with each gut-wrenching word as Bree dialogues with God and Levi reads a letter he's written to his father. You see, when they were young, their father, a Christ-follower involved in ministry and devoted family man, eventually lost his battle to depression, left their home one day, and committed suicide.

rearview memories

I'll let the song do the talking. You can follow along with the lyrics (opens in separate tab).


I was really moved by this song and was interested in hearing more about the story. It turns out that To Write Love on Her Arms made a video last December that gives the complete story behind the song. I think you'll appreciate it.

Levi McAllister is better known as Levi the Poet. He is a spoken word artist that gives his albums away for free or donations at

05 April 2013

Make Estevão's Dream a Reality!

My sister Abby’s friend, Estevão Gomes from Mozambique, has had the dream of going to a Bible school in Brazil to better prepare him for missions and Kingdom work. Now, he has the incredible offer of four years of Bible school in Brazil completely free if he can purchase a round trip flight. He unfortunately does not have this money.

He needs $2100 by the end of April to not miss out on this opportunity! Could we join with our brother in Mozambique and play a role in making his dream a reality? Whether you know him or not or can support him or not, please spread the word! Thank you!

To support Estevão, click the link below. IMPORTANT: Under the Additional Information part, where it says “Enter OM Missionary Name/Comments,” write: “Estevao Gomes—OM Mozambique—airfare”.