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16 July 2012

Summer 2012: Thus Far

Tomorrow I'll be heading to Italy for a couple days with William, so I thought it'd be a good time to post a summer update.


Not too long after returning from Portugal, I drove out to Croatia with a couple colleagues. We saw some different parts of the country, got to know the small staff of TWR's partner organization there, and took photos and video footage for TWR-related use. We'll soon release a short promotional video for Croatia's Project Hannah (worldwide women's ministry).

One of many war-ravaged buildings full of bullet holes in Vukovar.

Beautiful architecture in Zagreb.

Project Hannah being recorded in Croatian.


There are music festivals going on everywhere this summer. Bratislava is covered with posters and billboards advertising different festivals all over Europe. I've gone to two thus far. One was a "Catholic" festival (though most if not all of the bands were evangelical) called Lumen. Leeland was the headliner. The other one was the largest free music festival in Europe (forget what it's called). It was held in Vienna. The night I went with some coworkers, it poured rain for about an hour. Luckily, they were throwing out thousands of ponchos for the helpless attendees.


A Finnish band (is in this pic somewhere)


Our website is looking really good now! I'm in charge of putting together the articles that get posted. We get a lot of cool stories and listener responses that come in from all over the world! Click the photos below to see the most recent features.



We have a contest that just started today on our Facebook page. We do simple little contests about every other week or so. This is a video link contest that anyone can join. Post a link to a video you like. Whoever posts the link with the most "Likes" gets a free book. Check it out! :)

Later this summer we'll be holding a large sweepstakes with a cool prize for anyone that "Likes" our page. 


Well, it looks like I'll officially be getting a car next month. Some money is being transferred to our account. I have a couple weeks to figure out which car to get. I have a few people helping me and have looked at an incredible amount of cars. I'm planning on getting one of the 2013 Fiats with the world's first in-car espresso maker. Ha, not really, but that sounds nice and very necessary.


As referred to earlier, I'll be spending a couple days in the Milan area. In early August, I'll be going with William to a Christian music festival in Germany called Freakstock to document some stuff for TWR Europe and have a good time camping as well!

Not too long after Freakstock, an ol' Kansas farm boy I like to call "Pops" will be joining me here in Europe for two weeks! Already looking forward to this time!

"Pops" and I playing mini golf in our backyard in Brazil.


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