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15 August 2012

Life in Photos (Half Month)

Last month I posted one photo per day on my Facebook page to give an idea of what life is like. Here are those photos.

Day 1

Meet Raquel from Portugal. She was our first CouchSurfing guest and on her way to a Rainbow Gathering being held somewhere in Slovakia. She currently works at a cafe in England.

Day 2

Exploring Bratislava with Tinka and William. This city can be frightening.

Day 3

Garden behind the Presidential Palace (Grassalkovichova Zahraha)

Day 4

Americans in Bratislava. Ferocious exterior. Friendly interior.

Day 5

Pre-work hoops at Kuchajda Lake.

Day 6

Probably the craziest architecture I've ever seen. #Milan

Day 7

                                                       Nice ride in a posh city! (Bergamo, Italia)

Day 8

I've heard lots about it, but now I've experienced Ryanair firsthand. Not too shabby. Roundtrip flight Bratislava - Bergamo for less than the price of filling up your car.

Day 9

Breaking Bad marathon on a rainy Saturday.

Day 10

 Bike ride along the Danube River. Novy Most ("New Bridge") in the background. 

Day 11

Discussing whether Jesus is the only way to Heaven with new friends (La Putika Cafe)

Day 12

Went with people from the international church to see HC Slovan (Bratislava's hockey team) play against a team from Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was their first game since joining the KHL (arguably just as competitive as the NHL).

This pic was taken right after they scored the goal that won the game for them. (Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu)

Day 13

Rocking the new The Glorious Unseen shirt that came in the mail. Thanks Ben Crist!

Day 14

Busy day at the office. This is my work space.

Day 15

The Dark Knight Rises (with Slovak subtitles).

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