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13 May 2013

The Newsletter Post

Part of the joys of being a missionary is writing newsletters. :) Since people tend to receive a lot of these, I try to at least make them visually appealing. It's fun but can be time consuming. I think the key to a good newsletter is keeping it to one page. 

With that short introduction, you can read and/or download my latest newsletter by clicking the picture below:

If you were fascinated by this newsletter and feel compelled to read more of my quarterly creations, I don't want to hold you back. Ha. My previous three newsletters are below.




Who knows what will happen here in Europe during the next three months, but you can count on it showing up in my August 2013 newsletter. :)

Complete TWR Newsletter Archive

1 comment:

  1. Got your newsletter, love it and all the ways you are being used there! Also, I may need to hire you to design my newsletters, blog, email templates...etc. :)