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26 August 2010

From Miserable to Majestic...according to Forbes

kä-lə-ˈra-dō ˈlīf

So, I moved from the hectic metropolis of Chicago to the relaxed town of Castle Rock, Colorado. According to Forbes, this was a wise transition. Forbes ranked Chicago as the 10th most miserable city in America and first in the "Most Stressful City" category. On the other hand, Forbes ranked Castle Rock as the 5th most desirable place to live in all of America. A nice little trade!

I actually love Chicago (besides winter and traffic), and they moved from 3rd most miserable last year to 10th this year. Things are looking up for the Windy City! It's beautiful out here though, so you should stop by.

For the time being I am staying with my good friends from Moody, Kyle and Mandee Lammott (pictured below). I will be working a construction job with their friend Chris.

I have been here for a week now, and it has been a good time of settling in. Mitch and Julianne stopped by on their way from California to Chicago. We had a great time! It'll be even better when they come for their Thanksgiving break! Right?

From L to R: Karis, Mandee, Julianne, Mitch, Kyle, Me

I was able to attend my friend Ben Mercer's wedding last Saturday in Denver. My sister Sarah and brother-in-law Danny came from Wichita to attend the festive occasion as well. We had a good time of catching up with the rest of the Mercer family.

Ben and Tina Mercer

My second night here in Castle Rock, I got pulled over by a policewoman. Apparently one of my headlights was out, but she just gave me a warning. "Welcome to Castle Rock, young man. Now get a new headlight, or I will personally escort you out of the state." She didn't say that.

Odd pic? Sure!

ˈˈdə-bəl-yü ˈär

I've been a little behind on TWR-related activities with the move and all, but that doesn't mean things have been at a standstill. It has been ridiculously encouraging to keep in touch with friends and family who want to be a part of the ministry in Slovakia! Every time I think it isn't going to happen, someone will just bless the socks off of me (not sure if that's an accepted expression...but you catch my drift)! It's humbling and exciting.

I know this two-year ministry is going to happen because God opened the doors and continues to make it evident that this is the right direction to pursue. Do you want to be part of the team that makes it possible for me to work with TWR in Slovakia?
A couple people have asked me to give a clear picture of what it will take for me to get there. At this point, it will take around 40 to 50 more individuals, families, and/or churches investing financially. Hopefully this doesn't come across as impersonal, but here's a simple breakdown of a possible scenario:

Financial Support Needed to Reach 100%:
1 @ $350/month
2 @ $200/month
5 @ $100/month
8 @ $75/month
10 @ $50/month
20 @ $25/month

If you'd like to join me in this way, cruise on over HERE or write me an e-mail at

Regardless, I'm having a blast just keeping in touch with people. Thank you so so much for your prayers and all the encouraging emails, letters, phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages!

Thanks for taking the time to read this update on my life!

Keep in touch:
Phone: 262.951.8672
Mail: 474 Black Feather Loop #415 Castle Rock, CO 80104
Facebook Group: Paul to Slovakia
Twitter: kitchenerpaul
Skype: p.a.kitchener

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