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16 August 2010

I think I saw you in my sleep...

Here is a pic to get this blog started off right!

Hey, thanks for reading this by the way. I'll be honest, I rarely read other people's blogs, but it meant so much to hear from a bunch of people that took the time to read mine.


This Wednesday (18th) morning, I'll be driving 1,036 miles from Chicago to Castle Rock with an approximate travel time of 16 hours and 26 minutes according to Google Maps.

If I were to walk instead of drive, it would take approximately 13 days and 20 hours, although carrying luggage such as my 350 lb. harp would add some travel time I'm sure. No, I don't own a harp.


So, the last few days in Chicago have included me trying to squeeze in a few things I've never done in the city. I got to go to the Blue Man Group for free with my roommate Ryan. All you have to do is be an usher before the show and help clean up a little after (takes like 10 minutes).

Besides leading a few people to wrong seats, it went smoothly. Apparently all the tickets have "A" on them for "Adult" tickets, but "A" just so happens to be the front row as well. Ha. I'd show some pics, but they have a strict "No Photo policy."

I also ventured to a couple local sites that have gotten some television/film exposure: the house in the Family Matters intro and the house from the Home Alone movie. It was an uneventful and forgettable experience, but here are a couple pics!



A wonderful and terrible thing happened this summer when my roommate, a Starbucks barista for over 3 years, came upon an $800 espresso machine. While I enjoyed the incredible lattes and cappuccinos it produced with its built in coffee bean grinder and steamer, it was very controlling. It forced us to constantly fill up the water, insert more coffee beans, and buy more milk and vanilla sweetener.

I wanted to stop, but I couldn't and wouldn't. In a zombie-like trance, I made espresso after espresso and rarely slept due to the caffeine in my system. Sometimes I'd wake in the night and stare at the green light saying: "Go for it!" The madness will finally end when I leave it behind to plague my roommate, helpless in its clutch. Although I plan on taking a drink for the road. Here is a picture of the monster:


1) So, there's once, twice, thrice, and then....What comes after thrice? I've wondered that a few times, and finally took the time to look it up. Nothing comes after thrice. Unfortunately, now our only option is the time consuming process of saying two words ("four times", "five times", etc.).

2) I had an elderly woman give me advice on relationships the other day while I was at Sunrise assisted living. She said, "Pick a cute one. They're sweeter! The ugly ones are bitter. I should know - I'm a cutie!" All I could do was smile, and assure her that I would!

3) Anyone else notice the new penny design?


This blog has reached the end. Here is my new address in case you want to come visit me:

474 Black Feather Loop
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Here is the rest of my info. Please stay in touch!

Phone: 262.951.8672
Facebook Group: Paul to Slovakia
Twitter: kitchenerpaul
Skype: p.a.kitchener


  1. have no idea how jealous I am that you got to see the Home Alone house. Favorite movie of all time.