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03 February 2012

Hello From Here (e.g. Not "there", Slovakia, etc.)

I am here!!! Here is a quick recap of getting to Bratislava:

Late 2009: I first hear about TWR's worldwide media ministries at Moody Bible Institute's mission conference
Early 2010: I attend TWR's candidate orientation and get officially appointed to Slovakia
Summer 2010: After graduating, I send out my first newsletter
Summer 2010 - Spring 2011: Work full-time / Part-time partnership development
Summer 2011 - Winter 2011: Full-time partnership development
December 2011: Reach 100% of needed funds to begin ministry

departure // ODLET

I had the incredible and unexpected privilege of seeing my parents and all my siblings during my last week in the US. We all congregated in Wichita, KS as my mom prepares for surgery. Please pray that her procedure goes well and that she won't need chemo! The surgery is this Thursday (9th).

We had wonderful times of just hanging out together, I got a lot of help trying to pack everything for two years into three bags, and I had a very special send off with everyone at the airport! Thank you, family! You are everything to me!

arrival // PRÍCHOD

Wichita - Chicago - Madrid - Vienna (followed by a short drive to Bratislava) I arrived jet lagged, but had plenty of energy to start getting moved into my new flat! It came fully furnished with a refrigerator full of food. :) Curious to see what it looks like? Check it out:

I will be living here by myself until my future roommate William makes it. Hopefully, he'll be here by April!

slovakia is not america // SLOVENSKO NIE JE AMERICA

I've only been here a couple days, but I don't have to search for reminders that I'm not in America anymore.


I have no idea what this is.

Slovak chickens lay eggs too.

Already burnt out a surge strip on these odd outlets.

I bet your Gmail ads don't look like this. Ha.

Little truck in front of my apartment building.

There is no paper money below a €5, so you end up with LOTS of change.

end // KONIEC

I've had a number of cool experiences in my first few days here, but I don't want to make this post longer than it is. Look for another post within the next week. Love you guys! Please keep in touch. It means so much to hear from you!

contact // KONTAKT

Email: / Phone: N/A (hope to get a phone this week)
Twitter: kitchenerpaul / Skype: p.a.kitchener

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