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22 June 2010

Partnership Development & Salvation

As I contact people and prepare for a ministry with TWR, I came to realize that Partnership Development is a lot like salvation. It takes a lot of faith and hard work!

Ha, not really.


  1. = preparing(work) + resting in God???

    Ok , here are some fav quotes about 'faith' from "Living a Life of Prayer"

    Faith takes opportunities to take your belief and put it to the test.

    Faith brings the available eternal resources of God into your life.

    Faith invested, put at risk - equals more faith.

    Faith helps you to see with spiritual eyes that God has everything prepared for you—then we can pray without fear or uncertainty. We can pray with faith.

    “God is growing our capacity to trust Him. He is teaching us how to rely on our spiritual senses. He will show us the direction He is going, but not how we’ll get there. Learn the adventure of watching His will unfold.”

    Praying, esther meisel

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to post those quotes! It is really hard for me to completely trust God in every area. I hope that through trying circumstances I can learn more fully His trustworthiness. Thanks again. That was really encouraging!