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25 June 2010

Soccer Fields are Green

This is an update on my summer and progress with TWR.

Major Dates with TWR:

Fall 2009 - Introduction to TWR at Moody's Mission Conference
January 2010 - Orientation at TWR Headquarters in Cary, NC
February 2010 - Accepted as TWR Appointee
Summer 2010 - Partnership Development officially begins
Early 2011 - Projected arrival in Bratislava, Slovakia

The date I arrive in Slovakia is not for sure. TWR requires their appointees to be at a 100% support rate before going, which in my case is $3,500/month. A lot of missions are a little more flexible, but TWR hopes to keep their appointees from financial stress while they're on the field.

The last couple weeks have been very encouraging. A couple families have decided to support me financially, and quite a few others have shown interest in praying for me and keeping updated.

TWR is sending me to a SYIS Workshop in Michigan from August 1-6 put on by ITP (International Training Partners). This is designed "to provide practical, interactive, biblical training in interpersonal relationships for Christian workers." I may also be taking a trip to visit Slovakia and the TWR staff there in late September if it works out.

In non-TWR news, I'm consumed by the World Cup and loving it. Hoping Brazil, USA, and Slovakia do well. Although, I admit I'm just jumping on the Slovakia bandwagon (what an incredible win against Italy to knock them out!). I'm going to Cornerstone music festival to spend time with friends and help out The Glorious Unseen with their merchandise sales.

I still don't have a full-time job, but I've been working a couple part-time jobs and have a good job lined up for early to mid July. I've also started volunteering at Sunrise Assisted Living in Lincoln Park, so it has been an eventful summer.

If you live in Chicago or are coming through, please give me a call or write me an e-mail. I'd love to hang out.

Thanks for all your friendship and interest in my life! And now, back to this Chile/Spain game. Don't miss the U.S. game against Ghana tomorrow at 1:30 PM Central on ABC!


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