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12 June 2010

Staying focused at a conference while World Cup is going on...

6/12/10 8:45 PM

So, the last two days I have spent in a Western suburb called Oak Park. Why did I drive out there during AM rush hour and back during PM rush hour? Why did I miss the first Blackhawks victory parade in 49 years? Why did I miss watching the opening days of the best sporting event in history? For a two day conference called People Raising.

As untimely as this conference was, it turned out to be a really good experience. I met other people in the same boat that I am in - looking to develop prayer and financial partners in order to join a ministry full time. In fact, another couple at the conference, Brandon & Laura, are joining TWR as well.

Bill Dillon, the president of People Raising as well as the founder of Inner City Impact in urban Chicago, was the speaker. He and his wife Sandy started People Raising while helping volunteers at ICI raise their support.

I was kind of skeptical about the conference's take on support raising, but it was actually fairly encouraging. Bill stressed that relationship building is the key to successful ministry. People are most receptive when they know you, trust you, and care for you. I tend to be very non-confrontational, but he encouraged us to be brave and directly challenge people to join our support team. He had some wild stories about straight up asking wealthy Christian business men in Chicago for $50,000 to expand ICI's ministry.

It was cool hearing about different people's experiences and the ministries they're involved with. The following ministries were represented at the conference:
Inner City Impact
Every Child Ministries
Project Nightlight
Let's Go Ministry

Well that's the most recent happenings in my life in relation to TWR. If you were on my first mailing list, you should be receiving my newsletter and prayer card very soon. Have a great day, and by all means watch some soccer!


  1. Bill Dillon is a Moody Alumnus, what what?!!

    Are you going to try anything different in your support raising because of the conference?

  2. * I didn't meant to be anonymous.

    - Alexis!

  3. Hey Alexis!
    Yeah, I guess he was alumnus of the year a few years back!

    I'm not sure how I'll go about things differently, but it definitely was an encouragement. While support raising can be intimidating, we were challenged to change our thinking. God has people in place that will support you and want to support you. It's just a matter of us doing our part and trusting God with the rest (easier said than done).