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24 July 2010

Avatar doesn't quit

Are you the only person in America who hasn't seen Avatar? Have no fear, it is still in theaters...217 days and counting since its December 18, 2009 release. You may have quite a drive since it's only in 4 theaters total in the entire U.S., but I'm sure that would be a wise investment of your time, energy, and resources.

I haven't watched many movies in the theater this year, but I saw Despicable Me in 3D with my nephews Owen and Asher and niece Elsie while baby sitting for them last week. I also highly recommend Inception. There are twists and surprises along with stunning visuals.

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  1. Kara and I are going to see Inception this week. I read some impressive reviews on that one.

    Also, I thought you should know that I linked your blog on my latest post: