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19 July 2010

the value of one Book

My parents sent me a copy of Tortured for Christ written by Richard Wurmbrand. It gives a detailed account of what Christians in the underground Church are experiencing because of their faith. In some places it is extremely difficult for believers to even get their hands on a Bible. Here's a portion of the book that depicts how much value is placed on being able to read God's Word:

"Two very dirty villagers came to my home one day to buy a Bible. They had come from their village to take the job of shoveling the frozen earth all winter long to earn money in the slight hope that they might be able to buy an old, tattered Bible with it and take it back to their village. Because I had received Bibles from America, I was able to hand them a new Bible, not an old tattered one. They could not believe their eyes!...They rushed back to their village with the Bible. A few days later I received a letter of unrestrained, ecstatic joy thanking me for the Scriptures. It was signed by thirty villagers! They had carefully cut the Bible into thirty parts and exchanged the parts with one another!

It was pathetic to hear a Russian begging for one page of the Bible to feed his soul. They were happy to exchange a cow or a goat for a Bible. One man traded his wedding ring for a battered New Testament... (p. 146-147)"

It's easy to place such little value on something that is so accessible. You can get a free copy of Tortured for Christ here. Stay informed on what is happening globally at Voice of the Martyr's website

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